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A letter to the beautiful being

I'm honored to accompany

in this simulacrum of perceptions

Gorgeous Woman

It's this feeling to tell you,
to let you know,
to be honest...

I know you sense what I feel
and what I want to tell you...

But there are moments I’ve doubts
if you really know…
What my feelings are…

In these moments when I can’t talk to you
I love to write down them,
share them with you,
I wish you to know...


Beautiful being

I don’t look at you as you are a thing or an object.

You for me are a being, a human being
a gorgeous woman,
a wonderful soul.

A decade ago we met, your soul I knew long before.
In that moment I knew and felt, the "searching"
has been successful.
We found each other.
Our soul finally united.

This very deep connection has strengthen
whilst the last years
and it doesn’t matter what happen
at the outside anymore.
It’s a connection of soul, energy, spiritually, sensual…
Whatever word you want to use for that…

It is… You are… I am… We are…

I know that my “ego” was a hard and unconscious driver
of me
and in a few moments still it is,
but in the last years,
that ME of me is consciously taking back
the driver’s seat
more and more
and let the “ego” be for what it should be.

It’s not easy to be aware of what really matters
in this simulacrum of perceptions,
but being me is helping to strengthen that feel,
that we are so much more
than what we are been conditioned to think we are.

But, we are mammals here in this dimension of form
and as humans connected together we brought
a beautiful and unique being to this world of form.

With our deepest common connection
and wonderful sensual art
we created this human vessel
for that beautiful piece of energy
we named our son.

A conscious being, showing us in awesome ways,
what matters in this dimension.

I feel so deeply this energy we call love, for you.
The woman I’m honored to accompany,
the honest partner in every situation,
the best friend ever met,
the soul united in this realm.

I wish to be able again or, so to say,
that you can endorse again, that I can show you,
let you feel and giving you that what is deeply in me
not only on the spiritual level,
but in the way we can do it as humans
on this human journey too.

At this point I remember what I wrote about a year ago
and that describes best with words:

I don‘t say to you
because I want to hear
it back from you

It‘s because my soul
a deep spot in my heart
is in deep union
to the very gorgeous Soul
you are

I don‘t kiss your forehead
because I want a kiss
back from you

It‘s to give you in silence
the deepest appreciation
to the marvelous human being
you are

I don‘t hug you
because I want
it back from you

It‘s to endow warmth
a cherished shelter
to your delightful and precious Human body
you have

I say

Because YOU mean
to ME

Thank you for you are, gorgeous soul

Shining like a brilliant Emerald,
lighting the darkness

I am honored to walk with YOU
on this awesome journey in this realm

Facing the challenge of life,
together with you

Thank you for being the beautiful
mother you are, to our son

Thank you for being the gorgeous
wife you are, to me

Thank you for being the unconditional
love you are, to all that exists

The words to describe the uniqueness of your Being
don‘t even exist in this world

But as we all are a form of energy and sound,
you will feel the meaning of the words I use

to thank YOU for YOU are

With deepest Love


by Yardley Pearson 2019 ©