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Honesty And Self-Awareness

There have been and still are


Many moments I ask ME-self

Why? What? Who? AM I


On the way, on this path to Self-Awareness

I become finally honest to ME-self

To everyone outside of ME


I become honest to every moment,

to every situation appearing in my life,

honest with every act


Every-thing I am think-ing, say-ing and do-ing


But it goes absolutely in a direction, where

I distract ME from every-thing I beLIEved



I was not able to understand the re-actions coming

towards me from most human beings around me


I was not able to understand that the whole life

is turning in a direction, where my old “ME”

can’t accept the manner every-thing new appears


But then I remember that in my life’s past

I lied at ME-self and others


Only to reach goals in this system


Maybe a better job or anything other

who brings me more acceptance

in this artificial world of perception


I lied to BE one of these sheep

system wanted ME to be


Even I lied to hide any-thing only to have not been

confronted with truth


But finally, I remembered ME-SELF


After forty long years of being an unconscious gear-wheel


I began to realize

I began to observe

I began to ask



About every beLIEve I have

About every Thought

About every Emotion

Whom I thought



About every-thing outside

of ME

About every-thing material

I was clinging to


But this path of BE-ing and meet ME-self

A way of destruction

A way of separation

A way of losing the

old overlay of ME-self


I have lost many so-called “friends”

and others I thought they are family


Even if this path is a lonely one

Full of pain

Full of shakiness

Full of insecurity


I know this path

IS the only true one

for ME-self



by Yardley Pearson 2018 ©

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