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Path To Extinction

Being aware of our environment

Observing the changing behavior of


The trees

The flowers

The animals

The insects

The fruits

The vegetables


Observe the little details

Go out

in the nature,

in the forest

Watch to the sky


It is incredible to see these changes

in a daily basis


Instead of being the whole time

in your digital world

of TV programm-ing

smartphone tipping

and Computer Screens


Thinking that this artificial playground

you have presented is the Reality


All these conditioned human beings

working for these big companies


who willingly play havoc with

our very life-giving environment


They are so conditioned in their jobs

through the illusion of money they earn


Thinking that with that money

they can buy everything they need


Not realizing that all these material “things”

are only here to distract human beings

from the very livelihood



to lose, their “jobs”

to lose, their “existence”

to lose, all this material nonsense


Are they aware of, if our life giving

environment is destroyed,

they cannot eat and drink

the money?


How ill is our so-called “life”


Where human beings let themselves


to BE

these blind and deaf



Not to realize that

they are destroying

their host


like a cancer tumor


to the very extinction




by Yardley Pearson 2018 ©

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